BRIOTECH HOCL  Topical Skin Spray    The Science of Pure HOCL Solutions

We are ​VĒV LLC, proudly​ supplying Briotech HOCL solutions to diverse industries across the country. Individuals stand behind HOCl for absolving everything from sunburns and acne to piercing and wound care. HOCl is a core life molecule that stimulates healing wherever you have skin, and we are here to help you market it to your industry and customers!

VĒV LLC, Wholesale Distributor For Briotech Products Across The U.S.

Briotech HOCL formulations are unlike any other product.

HOCL (Hypochlorus) is an all-natural form of the active ingredient in your own white blood cells. It is produced by our internal defense system as a component that works to fight infection, control responses to injury, and to enhance healing.


HOCL is a Core Life Molecule - nothing is as safe and effective as Briotech HOCL topical spray. Your own body produces HOCL for healing, you won't have an adverse reaction because you are already using it internally! Spraying it on your skin triggers an immune response, signaling your body to accelarate healing.


Almost a century of scientific research backs up the healing properties of HOCL. We have developed a line of industry-specific, electrochemically engineered, topical saline solutions that work to mimic the HOCL produced inside our bodies.

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