Customer Experience With Briotech Topical Skin Spray

Customer Review From Danick J. on Amazon:


"I have been using this product faithfully since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a lumpectomy and radiations. My skin needed some major TLC and I diligently used it over the scars as well as twice a day on the skin that was damaged by the radiation along with some calendula and aloe vera cream. The docs were quite surprised at how minimal the burns on my skin were as well as the lack of pain or discomfort. I am very grateful that I found this product and hope that 1 day it will become part of the recovery treatment in hospitals for damaged or burned skin."

Customer Review From Joe on Amazon:


"My team has been operationally testing the Briotech HOCL product for over a year around the world in regions such as Africa and Central America. We first were introduced to it researching effective methods of killing Ebola. During that time we have had the opportunity to employ it in on a variety of wounds ranging from common abrasions and cuts to penetrating trauma wounds. However, we used it most often for simple day-to-day sanitizing tasks on hands and equipment as well as in hotel rooms, buses, and airplanes. To date, the product has produced zero side effects and no contraindications were observed. The anti-microbial effects seem to be robust and no wounds experienced progressive infections. In fact, when applied to a sterile dressing (saturated) and then left against a wound already showing signs of inflammation and infection, all patients exhibited markedly improved injury sites within a few hours. The product is far more versatile and effective than ordinary hand sanitizer and is much easier on the skin. It has been so handy, it now has a permanent place in my med bag. I would recommend Briotech's HOCL be added to anyone's med or travel kit and to have it as readily available as the less effective alcohol based hand sanitizers."

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